A Number Of Bad Boys Inhabit This Week’s Supernatural

Photo courtesy of The CW

Susan Booth
Staff Writer

In this week’s episode of Supernatural, we not only get some more flashbacks, but we get an introduction to Dean’s new/past love interest. This episode has us traveling back to a time to a period of two months back when Dean was 16 and he was living in a home for troubled boys run by an ex con named Sonny after he was caught trying to steal peanut butter and bread from a local store. Dean was stealing because he lost all the food money their dad had left them and he didn’t want Sam to go hungry. It was during this time that Dean and his father kept most of this a secret from Sam, but Dean actually got to see what a normal life was like. Well as much of a normal life one can have living in a boys home.

I was surprised to see Dean do things I NEVER thought he would, like getting good grades and joining the wrestling team! Allow me one moment to let my mind wander about Dean wrestling………. and I’m done. Amongst all of these wonderful things, Dean managed to find himself a girl. I can’t really call her a girlfriend at this moment, but she was Dean’s very first kiss and date to his very first school dance, which never ended up happening, but I will get to that later. All of this history was revealed as the boys were working a case about an angry ghost who keeps killing people left and right, not to mention maiming children at the boys home where Dean had stayed all those years ago and it was still around.

Back in the present day, Dean manages to befriend a young boy named Timmy, who ended up at the home for troubled boys after he repeatedly kept running away from children’s services where he was placed after his mom died in a car accident. This is not the first time where Dean has found himself in a storyline involving a tiny human or two and this is in no way a complaint. Although he does tend to get his fair share of scenes like this, more so than Jared and Misha. If anything, I’m glad that the writers like the idea of Dean having some interaction with children, as it is often adorable and funny. Perhaps the writers see it as a type of personality trait a character of this nature would have.

This episode hit pretty close to home, showing how for most of Dean’s life, it’s always been his job to watch out for Sam. It stands to reason that even with Dean being a grown man and all, that he would naturally have a soft spot for kids. I can’t say I understand the older sibling watching over the younger ones, as I am the youngest of five. Short of feeling like I had been physically assaulted with all of these soul wrenching sweet scenes with Dean doing things like showing Timmy how to give a proper handshake, it was nice to know that Timmy’s storyline was actually a pretty big part of the episode itself.

In the midst of this crazy ass ghost trying to kill everybody, we find out that the ghost is actually Timmy’s mom. She has decided that anyone she considers to be a threat to her little boy has to die, which means almost everybody dies, give or take a few important people. After the mommy ghost throws our boys around the house like rag dolls, Timmy finally man’s up and tells him he will be okay without her having to protect him all of the time. Timmy’s storyline aside, I can’t help but wonder what is in store for Dean and Robin. It sucks that she didn’t remember him but I get the feeling that will change.

The only thing about this episode I could have done without was the boy being named Timmy. Is it just me or is Timmy just a popular name for T.V children? Timmy was a very likeable character and even gave us fans a sort of mirror like flashback to what Dean was like, learning that it’s not about just finding strength within yourself, but having the strength to be accountable for someone other than yourself. The scene with Dean’s dad showing up the night of the school dance to take Dean away after leaving him there for TWO MONTHS was just awful, so much so that I found myself in complete tears. Sure, John was known for leaving the boys alone for a few weeks, but leaving Dean in that troubled boys home for two months really stunned me. I couldn’t get past seeing Dean looking out the window at Sam in the Impala and he was crying. I felt like the writers ripped my heart out and are keeping it until further notice. We all know that Dean did it for Sam, and now Sam knows that too.

That concludes this week’s recap of Supernatural. Next week on Supernatural: The boys head to church to become pure virgins again on “Rock And A Hard Place”! Stay tuned and until then, do as Dean does and stay classy!


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