Jason Momoa Joins Superman Vs Batman Movie In Secret Role

Photo Courtesy of Men's Health

Photo Courtesy of Men’s Health

Stephanie Coats
Lead Events Editor 

Superman vs. Batman may be adding a Khal to their ensemble. Game of Thrones’s Jason Momoa is in talks for a role in DC’s superhero mash up film.

The actor, best known for playing the late Khal Drogo on the HBO series, could be cast as the villain Doomsday or as fellow Justice League member, Martian Man hunter, The Hollywood Reporter has said. If he were cast as Martian Manhunter, that would bring the total count of Justice League members in this film to four, with Henry Cavill’s Superman, Ben Affleck’s Batman and the recently announced Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Including J’onn J’onnz would also pretty much confirm what we all suspect: this Zack Snyder project is actually a Justice League film.

However, Nerdist News is speculating that Momoa could actually be playing Metallo, a supervillain cyborg who uses kryptonite as a power source. This seems like a likely scenario, or at least as likely as Momoa being Martian Manhunter. Callan Mulvey was previously reported to be up for the Doomsday role, which would take that casting option off the table. But if Momoa is going to be Metallo, just how many villains will this film include?

In addition to Game of Thrones, Momoa played the titular role in last year’s Conan the Barbarian remake.


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