Ian Ziering Reveals Previous Plan For A 90210 Reunion


Photo courtesy of FOX

Jayden Sheppard
Staff Writer

The teen drama, Beverly Hills 90210, finished over a decade ago, and while the past few years we have seen the modern spin off, 90210, fans of the original series are still waiting for Brandon, Brenda, Dylan, Kelly, Donna and Steve to reunite on our screens. In a recent episode of Oprah: Where Are They Now?, Ian Ziering who played the likable Steve Sanders for the shows full ten year run, revealed that when the show ended, he already had plans to get the gang back together.

Ziering’s plan was to stage a dinner party at his place and film throughout the house. He explained, “It was going to be loosely scripted where we would break off into little social bouquets and talk about different moments and different times.” A date was even set in advance as the plan was for the show to air on the 2nd of September, 2010. “The significance of that date is that it’s 9/02/10!” Ziering says.

The reason why September 2010 passed by without seeing our favorite teens of the 90’s on our screens? “I couldn’t get a network to buy it,” remarks Ziering. “The production companies don’t want to pay for it. We certainly weren’t going to do it for free, but then, we weren’t asking for a king’s ransom compared to what they would have made in advertising.”


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