Teen Wolf Star Talks About Upcoming Dethan Scenes

Photo courtesy of MTV

Photo courtesy of MTV

Ben Patton
Staff Media Lead

When Teen Wolf reemerges on January 6th, the juicy #Dethan storyline may prove to take the hit show’s homoerotic tension to a whole new level.

The MTV reboot has been a hit since it premiered, not only among the ladies but within the gay community largely due to the chiseled and charming cast.

When Charlie Carver joined the group in season three as one of the twin werewolves named Ethan, there was an instant connection with already speculated gaybe, Danny. The relationship ventured into “sex scene” territory in the motel episode where Ethan and Danny (#Dethan) share some intimate moments together.

Carver told The Backlot, “I think what I really loved getting to shoot the sex scene was going from being in a really intimate moment with someone and then hallucinating that a werewolf is popping out of my stomach. It was a really fun couple of days.”

“I don’t want to spoil anything. But I think that what has to happen between Ethan and Danny is trust. So, I think [falling in love is] what we’re kind of working towards.”

Check out the trailer for the second half of the season and get ready to lose your mind



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