In A Galaxy Far, Far Away: Marvel Makes Deal To Create Star Wars Comics

Photo courtesy of Lucasfilm/20th Century Fox

Photo courtesy of Lucasfilm/20th Century Fox

Ana Mendoza Packham
Staff Writer

If you love both comics and Star Wars, then we have great news for you. Marvel has recently announced their collaboration with Disney’s Lucasfilm for Star Wars comics and graphic novels. Started from 2015, Marvel will be able to make illustrated content containing characters from the movie.

The first Star Wars comic, Star Wars #1, was produced in March 1977 by Marvel Comics. However, after nine years, the license was given to Dark Horse Comics. Even thought the franchise is renewing it’s partnership with Marvel, Carol Roeder, the director of Lucasfilm franchise publishing at Disney, recognized that Dark Horse Comics made huge contributions to the Star Wars legacy.

Obviously, this announcement is extremely exciting for Star Wars fans everywhere. Dan Buckley, worldwide publisher and president for Marvel, remarked: “The perennial brand of Star Wars is one of the most iconic in entertainment history and we are honored to have the opportunity to bring our creative talent pool to continue, and expand our Star Wars into galaxies far, far away.” Not only are there now new comics to look forward to, but Star Wars fans will also soon be able to indulge in a new game, Star Wars: Attack Squadrons.

We are so psyched to see what Marvel does with our favorite characters. All we can hope for is that Princess Leia gets to keep her funky hairstyle and that Han Solo stays as rugged and handsome as ever.


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