Bruno Mars Is The Most Illegally Downloaded Artist Of 2013

Photo courtesy of E!

Photo courtesy of E!

Jayden Sheppard
Staff Writer

Although this is not a headline any artist would like to see, it does prove that Bruno Mars had a unstoppable 2013. It looks to replicate things in 2014.

The Hawaiian born musician had hit singles, such as “Locked Out of Heaven” and “Treasure,” downloaded 5.8 million times, with no cash going to pocket. This list has been compiled by Musicmetric, a data analysis firm, who put the list detailing illegal music pirating together.

Mars wasn’t alone on missing out on a paycheck though. Also on the list was Rihanna (5.4 million illegal downloads), Daft Punk (4.2 million) and Justin Timblerlake (3.9 million).

All had a successful year in music, which led to the downloads, in their respective genres.

The news didn’t get Mars down though. He gave party goers a treat on New Year’s Eve when he performed at the opening of the Chelsea Hotel in Las Vegas.

He also has less than a month to prepare for the Super Bowl XLVIII halftime show on the February 2nd.

He will follow on from pop stars Beyonce and Madonna, who have performed in the past few years. This marks the half time show moving away from rock stars, such as Prince, Bruce Springsteen, The Who and Paul McCartney, who entertained sports fans during the mid-to-late 2000’s.

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