Dan Stevens Harbours No Ill Feelings Towards Downton Abbey

Photo courtesy of PA Images

Photo courtesy of PA Images

Matthew Jenner
Staff Writer

Turns out there are no hard feelings between Dan Stevens and the producers of Downton Abbey after his character was violently killed off in the 2012 Christmas Special of the popular British period drama.

Stevens, who has now taken up residence in New York, has stated that he still intends to watch the show, but with an American audience, as opposed to the audience in Britain, who sees the show before the US.

The killing of Matthew Crawley (Stevens) was a controversial decision, but the writers were left no other alternative as Stevens chose not to renew his contract. The writers could not write him out of the series through a separation, as his marriage to Mary (Michelle Dockery) was too loving to plausibly result in a separation. A death was the only option for the character.

The fourth season of Downton Abbey premieres on PBS in the US from January 5th, and the fifth season will be broadcast in the UK sometime later in 2014.


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