Netflix Rings In 2014 With New Price Plans For New Customers

Photo courtesy of Netfix

Photo courtesy of Netfix

Cat Mitchell
Staff Writer

With lots of new titles such as Breakfast At Tiffanys being added on New Year’s Day, now seems like a perfect time for Netflix to test new, cheaper streaming options for some users in the UK and US.  The service has been offering a selection of new customers a third pricing option after their free trial period expired.

These lucky customers can choose a $6.99 per month plan that allows for one stream at a time per account in standard definition, as opposed to $7.99 for two streams.  For the lucky few Brits included Netflix’s trial, the price drops a measly 70 pence from £5.99 per month to £5.29 instead.  There is also a higher priced option for multiple high definition streams

Although Netflix has said they have no long term plans for the different pricing options, 2014 may bring more consumer-friendly options to online streaming.

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