Paul Walker’s Character To Be Retired In Fast And Furious 7

Photo Courtesy Of Getty Images

Photo Courtesy Of Getty Images


Shelby Arnold
Staff Writer

The writers and producers of Universal’s Fast and Furious 7 have decided to retire Brian O’Connor.

Following the tragic death of Paul Walker in November; writers Chris Morgan and Jeffrey Kirschenbaum, alongside director James Wan had the arduous task of deciding what to do with Paul Walker’s character. Speculation surrounding the movie told of Walker’s brother Cody taking over the role due to their similarity in appearance. Other rumours said that Brian would be killed off.

However, the answer has been given and retirement seems imminent for Dom Toretto’s right hand. Universal hasn’t released a statement but Wan, Morgan and Kirschenbaum have reportedly ‘poured over’ the footage already shot and decided that they had enough to make the story work. Tweaks will have to be made to the script but it looks like O’Connor, and his family, should be given a deserving ending.

Cody Walker could, in fact, be used for reshoots to clean up the exisiting footage but beyond that, fans shouldn’t expect anything less than a ‘fitting send off’.

Filming for the colloquially termed ‘Fast 7’ has resumed following a break and an April 2015 release date has been announced by actor Vin Diesel via Facebook and an official Universal statement.

Either way they do it, though, it will still be a difficult film to finish filming. Expect more details to emerge as the release date approaches and filming finishes.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to Paul Walker’s family and his co-stars as they continue to go through this difficult time.

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