Tom Baker Talks Return To Doctor Who

Image Courtesy of BBC

Image Courtesy of BBC

Kaitlyn Elliot
Staff Writer

After his cameo appearance in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, Tom Baker was flooded with generous affectionate messages from fans.

Baker is most commonly recognized as the fourth incarnation of the doctor on the hit BBC show Doctor Who.

On his official website, Baker stated that he was nervous and anxious to return to the set. He was relieved by the Eleventh doctor Matt Smith stating: “My gloom was lifted by the arrival of Matt Smith who welcomed me so enthusiastically that I began to think life was worthwhile.”

In a message to the fans, Baker stated “My heartfelt thanks to those fans who sent me such affectionate messages about my role in the Doctor Who Special. It’s a wonderful feeling to be swamped with love after my cameo appearance.”

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