Benji Madden Lets Slip That He Will Be Touring This Year

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Ariel Bradford
Staff Writer

Benji Madden from Good Charlotte nonchalantly announced he will be touring this year last night on Twitter.

Jimmy Webb from Trash and Vaudeville, a rock and punk clothing store in New York City, called out for employee applications on Twitter. Benji Madden replied with this tweet:

Don’t prepare for the GCFam to run screaming in the streets like the Fall Out Boy fandom did with their comeback; Benji is most likely touring with The Madden Brothers, which is music from he and his brother Joel.

The Maddens were interviewed by Rolling Stone two years ago about the project.

“It’s been a cool break from the norm for us and the Madden Brothers record is quite different from the [Before the Fame: The Madden Brothers] mixtape in a lot of ways, and similar in other ways,” Joel says. “It’s definitely left some influences on our style.” But he clarifies: “It doesn’t mean we’re starting a career in hip-hop, by any means. We’ve always been fans and hung around in studios in the hip-hop world as guys who love it.”

“It is a completely different project – it sounds nothing like Good Charlotte other than that you’ll recognize our voices,” Benji says. “But there are a lot of acoustic guitars and we’re working with a whole different set of people. I’m definitely excited for people to hear [the new music]. It’s some of my favorite songs we’ve written so far.”

Although the music will be different, the true fans will support the Maddens in everything they do. After two years of Madden Bros. anticipation and four years since GC’s last album, I personally am ready to travel to every show I can afford.

See you at the show…

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