Jack White Opens Up About Finishing Up New Solo Album

Photo courtesy of Esquire

Photo courtesy of Esquire

Renad Farid
Staff Writer

Although Jack White he has been busy touring with his group, The Dead Weather, he recently revealed that he’s been working on two new albums.

During a chat on his label’s website, Third Man Records, White told his fans: “I’m producing two albums this month, and finishing them; one of them is mine.”

This would be the follow-up to White’s 2012 debut album, Blunderbuss, which sold 38,000 copies in its first week of release. The album was also nominated for Grammy Award for Album of the Year.

He mentioned in an interview with Rolling Stone last year that he had up to 25 songs already written. “It’s definitely not one sound,” he said describing his new songs. “It’s definitely several. Like you heard in Blunderbuss, there are many different styles there. I don’t pick my style and then write a song. I just write whatever comes out of me, and whatever style it is, is what it is, and it becomes something later.”

White has been in the studio working on albums for his groups, The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather. The latter recently announced they will be releasing a new album in 2015.


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