Justified’s New Baddie Talks Accents And Country Music

Photo courtesy of FX

Photo courtesy of FX

Bill Sweeney
Staff Writer

When Justified returns to FX on January 7, our hero Raylan Givens takes his big hat to swampy Florida and quickly crosses paths with the shows newest baddie, gator farmer Darryl Crowe Jr. played by Michael Rapaport.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Rapaport says that while he may be a city boy, he is taking the southern role seriously enough to the point of driving his family crazy.

“I’m from New York, you know what I mean? So the accent is something I really warm up to. My kids and my girlfriend, they’ve had enough of it already because I do it around the house — particularly my girlfriend gets kinda freaked out by it and all the things I say. It’s important for me because it’s so far from the way I speak normally.”

Reality shows are a great dialect resource for actors, he says, and he’s found a new appreciation for country music, warming his drawl by listening to Johnny Paycheck song “Colorado Kool-Aid” in his trailer each morning.

The role of Darryl (a cousin of fan-fave Dewy Crowe) was his, only if he could pull off the accent and he went so far as to send producers a clip of an indie film he had been in and voice memo via his phone of an improvised monologue.

It is also worth noting is that the show, created from a short story by Elmore Leonard, will air a 90 second tribute in remembrance the author who died earlier this year. Leonard, who was known to never usually care much for the adaptions of his stories, was actually quite found of the show and wrote a full novel, Raylan in 2012. The tribute is part of a longer feature that will be available on dvd when the season wraps up.


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