Robert De Niro Says He “Doesn’t Mind Getting Older”

Photo courtesy of PA Images

Photo courtesy of PA Images

Adrienne Tyler
Staff Writer

In a recent interview, Robert De Niro said he has come to terms with getting older. He explained that his latest film Last Vegas proved to be an eye-opener for him.

“I’d never been to a bachelor party, I didn’t really know what a bachelor party was. The first time I went to Vegas, I was 17. I had a friend who was a dealer in a casino. It was real desert, still like the Wild West” he told Metro.

“Apparently, there’s a nightclub scene now. Back then, you gambled and then, at 4am, you went to the lounges to see Sinatra sing”.

Last Vegas, also starring Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline, follows the story of four friends on a trip to Sin City to celebrate the bachelor party of Douglas’ character.

De Niro starred in some of Hollywood’s classics such as Taxi Driver, The Godfather II [for which he won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor], and The Deer Hunter. He says it doesn’t bother him not being the lead character now due to his age:

“That’s just life. We can’t play certain parts anymore. We’re playing the father or the grandfather or the great-grandfather and that can be written in a funny way, so it’s fine. But you’re not carrying the movie as the young romantic lead – those days are gone. I’m hoping that if things work out with digital technology, they can finally make us look younger and I can go on for another 40 years”.

Last Vegas is now playing in both the US and UK.

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