Steven Seagal Discusses The US’ Greatest Problem And Considers Running For Governor


Photo courtesy of Reuters

Mia Johnson
Staff Writer

Actor Steven Seagal has said that he is considering running for Governor of Arizona.

Recently, Seagal joined Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to film the latest season of his series Steven Seagal – Lawman: Maricopa County for Reelz. When discussing his reality show, he revealed in an interview with ABC 15 his position on the current state of affairs of the government, and what he feels one of their biggest issues are.

“Believe it or not I think it’s open borders,” he said.

“I think that across these borders, any kind of terrorism can come and does come and I think this is a tremendous oversight by the current administration. And I think that it’s a crime.”

The Lawman star also revealed his position on amnesty, explaining: “If you’re going to pardon people, you should really do a background on them and make sure that they are safe from your society”.

Steven Seagal – Lawman, which is entering its third season, will premiere on the cable channel Reelz on June 6.

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