Awkward Party Is Awkward

Photo courtesy of funnyguyfromtv/youtube

Photo courtesy of funnyguyfromtv/youtube

Ariel Bradford
Staff Writer

Stephen Glickman, of Big Time Rush fame, announced back in December about an Awkward Party he was shooting with Nickelodeon stars.

Erin Zariah (Big Time Rush), Leon Thomas III (Victorious), Kenton Duty (Shake It Up!), Jonathan Lipnicki (Jerry Maguire), and Jesse Heiman (Superbowl Go Daddy commercial) are all in the video with their friend Johnny. All anyone knew is that it had something to do with those stars and Beggin’ Strips was somehow in the mix.

Well, here’s the video. It’s definitely awkward… yet somehow completely relatable and enjoyable. Watch until the end for adorable bloopers.

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