Ed Sheeran Hitting The Road In October And Going On Tour

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Kay Ziegler
Staff Writer

Since the release of his first album, Ed Sheeran made a Small Bump in the music industry. He’s reinvented song creation. It’s not just about sex, drugs, and money anymore. Now, music seems to be headed towards storytelling. Sheeran creates tales within his music – discussing the loss of a baby, the grim reality for a drug addict, and what it’s like to be famous are but three plots within his music.

Surprisingly, music aficionados fell in love with Sheeran’s lyrics and his musical style. With the release of his album, fans were left wanting more. And the musician teased about that something with a tweet on December 31st. Sheeran said “Announcement coming January 6th.”  And finally, the day has come. What exactly is this big news? He will be going on tour.

In October, the musician will be touring the UK and Ireland. However, never fear, Sheeran will be playing in other countries besides the UK and Ireland. Rumor has it, the United States will be one of the places he’ll be stopping in . Stuart Camp, Ed Sheeran’s manager, has revealed that more tour dates will be released, along with all of the stops that will be made.

In other news, his new album will be coming out sometime this year. In fact, it will be released before the tour starts! Sheeran is working on the last minute tweaks to make this the best album he can. The musician has even added a last minute song to the cd.

This year, 2014, seems to be Sheeran’s year. He has a new album coming out. There will be a tour. And, his song for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

So, are you excited? Will you all try to see Sheeran in concert? Is the album on your must have list? What do you expect out of this new cd?  Share your thoughts and excitement below!


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