Will Champlin Releases First Post Voice Song “Eye Of The Pyramid”

Photo courtesy of NBC

Photo courtesy of NBC

Heather O’Connell
Content Editor


If you’ve missed hearing new music from Will Champlin then today is your lucky day because he’s finally released a new song! The song is called “Eye of the Pyramid” and it’s truly a treat for any music fan.

We spoke to Champlin exclusively about the song. He revealed that he’s actually making a video for the song. He described it as a “cool concept video” and that we should watch out for it. Trust us we will be watching and waiting for it anxiously.

Besides waiting for the video he also revealed that he’s got another song coming down the pipeline for his fans.

With the music and video coming; all there is left to do now is check out his new song! You can listen to it above.


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