Downton Abbey’s Season Four US Premiere Brings Its Highest Ratings


Photo courtesy of ITV

Clare Sidoti
Managing Editor

While the UK have already finished the fourth season of the classic British drama Downton Abbey, this past weekend saw its debut in the US.

The season three Christmas special left viewers stunned with the death of Lady Mary’s husband, new father and Downton heir, Matthew Crawley in the final moments of the episode. Fans then had the long wait to see how Lady Mary would cope with this latest tragedy in her life and they certainly flocked to PBS on Sunday night to see the fallout from his death, giving the show its highest ratings to date.

The two-hour premiere attracted 10.2 million viewers. This is up 22% from last year’s premiere as well as the season three finale.

Season four, set in 1922, picks up the action six months after the Christmas special. The season largely revolves around the aftermath of the death of Matthew and to some extent Sybil as well as the arrival of Lady Rose to Downton.

In case you missed the episode or want to relive it again, check out our recap.

Downton Abbey airs at 9pm on PBS.

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