12 Years A Slave Director Allegedly Heckled By Critic At NY Award Ceremony

Photo courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter

Photo courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter

Sandra San Miguel
Staff Writer

British director Steve McQueen was heckled Monday night at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards (January 6).

Variety reported that when McQueen was presented with the society’s Best Director award the editor of weekly paper CityArts, Armond White, shouted from his table at the back of the room.

“You’re an embarrassing doorman and garbage man. (Expletive) you. Kiss my ass.”

According to Variety, McQueen did not acknowledge or hear White’s outburst. White has been a negative critic of the film since October. He is also known for behaving similarly in past ceremonies.

In response to questions by email, White denies any of the allegations and has reacted to the reports of his behavior.

”The barrage of lies, misreporting, unsubstantiated sources and made-up quotes is dismaying,” White told the Associated Press. “The awards themselves, and the highlights of the evening, such as James Toback and Peter Bogdanovich’s praise for best-picture winner American Hustle, have been forgotten in the melee.”


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