Peter Capaldi Is Sinister And Brilliant In “The Musketeers” According To Co Star

Photo courtesy of BBC

Photo courtesy of BBC

Kaitlyn Elliot

Staff Writer

Peter Capaldi will be playing Cardinal Richelieu in the upcoming 10 part BBC series The Musketeers. His co-star Alexandra Dowling has said that “he oozes this kind of sinister quality and it’s brilliant. He was just fascinating to watch and a lovely man to work with.”

Capaldi is known to be a talented actor as his role as Malcolm Tucker in BBC series The Thick of It shows, so his casting as the villainous Cardinal comes as no real surprise.

However what did come as a bit of a surprise for all was the announcement that the Scottish star would be taking over the role of the Doctor in the hit BBC show Doctor Who. Capaldi was filming the mini series when he received THAT call from Steven Moffatt. This news also came as a shock to writer Adrian Hodges who said, “Of course, I didn’t exactly anticipate my leading actor becoming the new Doctor Who but you have to roll with the punches”

Nevertheless, we are excited to see how Dowling and Capaldi take this classic novel to a whole new level. The Musketeers does not yet have a premier date but has been confirmed for some time in the near future.

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