Is This The First Look At An iPhone 6?


Photo courtesy of Apple

Bill Sweeney
Staff Writer

Have key photos leaked of Apple’s next iPhone?

The Mac blogs and gadget sites are buzzing about photos that have popped up, purportedly revealing the central metal housing unit for the iPhone 6.

The iRumor Mill has already been buzzing that Apple is likely to release two hand units this year, now the mill has something to really talk about. These photos first appeared on a Chinese social network site and if they are true, they would imply key differences for this new generation.


Photo courtesy of C-Tech

The most obvious would be that it is ultra-thin, on par with the company’s family of Air devices. Is this our first hint of an Air iPhone? Also note how broad the frame is. This could easily allow for the previously speculated 4.7 inch (or larger) screen.

With that shape, there is also the possibility this device could be Apple’s stab at the “phablet” market.

Honestly, how do we know it’s even for an Apple device at all? We don’t. Reporting websites and blogs are claiming the source, C-Tech, to be a renowned and credible Apple tipster coming straight from China. So that’s… something?

Looking at that picture though, a better question may be, how thin can these things possibly get?

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