Lady Gaga Reveals Plans For A Michael Jackson Museum

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Jayden Sheppard
Staff Writer

The moment the world has been waiting for has arrived. Two of the craziest musicians of the past fifty years, Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson, will collaborate. But it’s not a collaboration we would be expecting.

Lady Gaga has announced plans to open a Michael Jackson museum in America. The “Applause” singer has amassed a collection of Michael Jackson memorabilia worth a reported £1.25 million and wants to set up a museum to showcase these, including the famous “Thriller” jacket. However, she is still seeking the backing of the estate of MJ and his kids. Despite this she is already looking for a location.

The Mirror has been told that “Gaga is a huge Michael fan, and she feels the need to celebrate his life and work. She’s considering [for locations] Gary, Indiana where Jackson started his career, her hometown NYC or Los Angeles, close to his Neverland home.”

Gaga says: “I will put together a museum and put the money to a foundation he cares about.”


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