Orphan Black Secures Guest Star Michelle Forbes

Photo courtesy of Space Channel Facebook

Photo courtesy of Space Channel Facebook

Whitney Pierce
Staff Writer

Clone Club better get ready for what I predict will be quite a shake up on Orphan Black this next season! Actress Michelle Forbes has just been cast for guest appearances on the second season of the show.

According to the Space Channel’s twitter, her character, Marian Bowles, is a powerful new player at the Dyad Institute with a birds-eye view on the war between Sarah and Rachel. Excuse me while I scream and run around my apartment for a moment just thinking of the different possibilities!

Forbes has quite the résumé including Battlestar Galactica24The KillingChicago Fire and of course, what I always remember her from, the disgustingly evil Maryann Forrester from seasons one and two of True Blood.

Regarding being cast, Forbes says, “I am ecstatic to be invited to play with this extraordinary company and on such a deeply complicated, mysterious, and emotional story. I could talk to the highly intelligent show-runners and writers all day long as the issues they’re tackling are vast, to say the least. It’s truly original and clever, not to mention its wit delights me to no end.” I honestly couldn’t have said it better myself and it makes me VERY happy to see someone else acting on the show that feels that it’s something very special. Now please, excuse me once more while I do another lap of screaming and jumping with excitement!

The second season of Orphan Black debuts on BBC America and Space Channel on April 19th. If you haven’t watched the show and joined the Clone Club, then I suggest you start and catch up! For current Clone Club members, are you ready for season two!?!? I’m going to assume you all answered like our girl, Sarah Manning:

Gif courtesy of Tumblr


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