Prep Those Feels For Sherlock Finale: “His Last Vow” Pictures Released


Hannah Daglish
Staff Writer

It seems only moments ago that we were desperately awaiting the return of Sherlock, but already it’s time for the season finale.

Three new images were released today from the finale, ‘His Last Vow’, penned by Steven Moffat. Whilst, in typical Sherlock fashion, the pictures don’t really give anything away about the plot, they do feature Sherlock’s latest foe Charles Augustus Magnussen (Lars Mikkelsen).


We see new villain Magnussen smirking between the sombre faces of John Watson and Sherlock, whilst another image shows him intimidating Lady Smallwood, played by Lindsay Duncan.



Photo courtesy of the BBC

In the only image not to feature Magnussen, we see Watson looking almost disbelievingly at Sherlock. So, it looks like business as usual there then!

Sherlock’s third season has already proved its most successful, with BBC One Controller Charlotte Moore confirming that the season debut ‘The Empty Hearse’ had the ‘biggest-ever consolidated audience’ at 12.7 million viewers.

The finale will air on BBC One this Sunday (January 12) at 8.30pm. Whilst fans will naturally be sad to see another season come to an end, they will surely take comfort in Steven Moffat’s announcement earlier this week that a further two seasons have already been planned out.

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