Aaron Eckhart Says Working With The Late Heath Ledger Was A Blessing

Photo courtesy of Piyal Hosain/Getty Images

Photo courtesy of Piyal Hosain/Getty Images

Kay Ziegler
Staff Writer

The memory of Heath Ledger is still in the hearts and minds of many a fine persons. Not just fans commemorate the young actor, but so does his former colleagues. Recently, Aaron Eckhart revealed what it was like to work with the late thespian during an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show.

Eckhart claims that working on The Dark Knight with Ledger was a blessing (it made him feel “blessed”). To put it bluntly, he said to Ross, “I feel blessed to have been in the movie with him [Ledger].”

If you don’t remember what happened, As 28-year-old Ledger passed away. It was just a  few months after finishing filming The Dark Knight. In the film, Ledger played the Joker.

In this interview, Eckhart discussed his leading roll in I, Frankenstein. “I’m 45 so I had to work hard. I had an Australian trainer. I said ‘Try to kill me’,” the actor explained. “I figured, if you’re going to have your shirt off in a worldwide movie, you might as well go to the gym.”

The interview with Eckhart on The Jonathan Ross Show will air on Saturday, January 11 at 9:45pm on ITV. Are you looking forward to it? Will you tune in to see? Please, leave your comments below!


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