Could Sherlock Be Making Its Way To The Big Screen?

Photo courtesy of the BBC

Photo courtesy of the BBC

Kaitlyn Elliott
Staff Writer

The hit BBC show Sherlock could be making its way to your local theater, according to co-creator Steven Moffat. “The Moff”, as his beloved fans call him, has had recent success with the collaboration of small screen and silver screen with BBC’s Doctor Who. On its 50th anniversary, Doctor Who premiered its anniversary special in theaters around the world making it 2nd in the American box office for that week.

While Moffat referred to the line between small and big screen as “becoming increasingly blurred”, put forth the question of whether making a Sherlock film would make it “better”. “It would just be, ‘How does it make it better to go to the cinema?’ – that would be the question,” he said. “Everyone knows that cinema and television – in terms of production quality, in terms of everything really – are getting closer together, so how would we make it better if we put it on the big-screen?”

The Sherlock fandom might not be too happy with this idea of a movie. As we all know, the fandom had to wait two painstaking years between the 2nd and 3rd seasons of Sherlock and a movie only begs for 3 years between premiers. Nonetheless, the always-faithful Sherlockians will prevail with Moffat, come hell or high waters.

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