Details Of Orphan Black Season 2 Revealed

Photo Courtesy of BBC America

Photo Courtesy of BBC America

Ana Mendoza Packham
Staff Writer

If you haven’t already started watching Orphan Black, you might want to start now before the new season starts.

The new season, which begins on Saturday, April 19th, is going to have some massive changes from the first season. The co-creator of the show, Graeme Manson, stated at the Television Critics Association winter tv previews, that “We are going to take some risks in our premise in the second season, and push [it], technically.”

So, what exactly is in store for our dear characters? Last time we saw Sarah, she had just found out her daughter had gone missing. The new season will start with her search for her daughter, along with seven other Season Two Surprises:

1. The Villains: In a previewed scene, Sarah is confronted at a diner by two characters that are somehow tied to one of her enemies.

2. Kira: Rachel (Maslany), the pro-clone, has Kira held hostage and insists that Sarah must turn herself in if she wants to see her daughter again. However, they’re both invaluable, as Sarah is the only clone able to have kids.

3. Cosima’s Mortality: Manson’s favorite clone is evidently still sick with the mysterious disease from last season. Manson did admit that it was hard to put her in such a “heartbreaking situation”.

4. Who doesn’t fight with their siblings? Sarah’s foster brother, Felix (Jordan Gavaris), has much more of a story line in Season 2 than he did in Season 1. Gavaris revealed that “The relationship with Sarah comes to a head, and there are some tough decisions that are going to have to be made.”

5. Worse than Rachel: Michelle Forbes (True Blood) plays Marian Bowles in the upcoming season. Bowles is a Dyad Institute power player who keeps a distant eye on the Sarah/Rachel fued.

6. Pick a side, Paul: Paul (Dylan Bruce) is in debt to Dyan, and Rachel wants him for his information about Sarah.

7. Be careful, Alison: After the housewife clone (Maslany) let her neighbor Aynsley (Natalie Lisinska) die last season when her scarf got caught in the garbage disposal, she’s been even more on edge than usual. She’s already pretty crazy, but Manson said that her new secret will “eat at her in interesting ways.” We fear for anybody who tries to mess with her.

Are you going to tune in for this dramatic new season? Remember, it premieres on Saturday, April 19th.

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