“Girls” Producers Speak Out About Show’s Nudity Issue

Photo Courtesy of HBO

Photo Courtesy of HBO

Adrienne Tyler
Staff Writer
The constant nudity on HBO’s show Girls has been object of critique and questions these last days.
At a session with the Television Critics Association to promote the show’s new season, show creator, producer and star Lena Dunham was asked about her character’s constant nudity for “no apparent reason”:
“It’s a realistic expression of what it’s like to be alive, I think, and I totally get it. If you’re not into me, that’s your problem, and you’re going to have to kind of work that out with whatever professionals you’ve hired” Dunham replied.
The question made executive producers Judd Apatow and Jenni Konner jump in to defend Dunham, with Apatow asking the reporter if he had a girlfriend and suggesting she wouldn’t like that question, while Konner said she “was spacing out because I’m in such a rage spiral about that guy that I literally could not hear.”
It all cooled down when the producers answered questions about the show’s lack of minor characters, despite the diversity of New York, where the show is set:
“I don’t think that there’s any reason why any show should feel an obligation to do that. In the history of television, you could look at every show on TV and say, ‘How come there’s not an American Indian on this show?’ ‘How come there’s not an Asian person on this show?’ It really has to come from the story and the stories that we are trying to tell” Apatow explained.
Dunham said this conversation is one that “needs to happen in the world”:
“We need to talk about diversifying the world of television, and we are trying to continue to do it in ways that are genuine, natural, intelligent. But we heard all of that and hadn’t really felt it deeply” she said.
Girls third season starts tomorrow on HBO at 10pm.

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