Who Does Dan Harmon Want To Guest Star On Community? Bill Murray Of Course

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Sarah Goddard
Content Editor

With the fifth season of Community back in full swing, us Greendale Human Beings have a plethora of guest stars to look forward to seeing pop up on our screens. Nathan Fillion, Paget Brewster, Chris Elliot and Robert Patrick are just some of the famous faces that are headed to the Greendale campus this season.

But there is one name not on that list and one name that creator Dan Harmon wants to add more than any other. Bill Murray.

It was mid 2013 that Harmon first admitted that in his mind, Bill Murray would be the perfect father for Joel McHale’s character, Jeff Winger. “I always wanted Jeff’s father to be Bill Murray. I kept putting off the meeting between Jeff and his father because I kept hoping that somehow fate would allow for that to be the case.” Sadly that wish would never come to fruition as the ‘Jeff meets his father’ episode occurred during the Harmon-less season four.

That doesn’t mean that Harmon has given up, and he agrees that Murray would be the “holy grail” of guest stars, but does confess that he would be starstruck. “I’m not even sure what I would do — it’s probably best that I never step in the same room as him… He’s really one of the most important comedic actors of our generation.”

As if the current list of guest stars scheduled to appear wasn’t enough, Harmon also told EW that he has a “wish list” of stars that he would love to see appear on the show. At the top of the list is English comedian and star of Shaun of the Dead, Simon Pegg, but Harmon recognises that due to being on opposite continents, “Simon Pegg is hard to get over here.”

So just who else features on the Harmon wish list of our dreams? “I want Richard Ayoade so badly to come back and not have to direct this time and tap into his resources as a performer. There are so many people that you feel like, ‘My god, it would be so great to work with the Will Ferrells and the Seth Rogens,” but it’s kind of just, ‘Well, yeah. Duh-doy”

Will we see Bill Murray on Community one day? All I can say is, God I hope so.

Community season five can be seen on NBC, Thursday’s at 8/7C.


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