Adam Driver Confirms Batman Vs Superman Rumours Are Not True

Photo courtesy of NME

Photo courtesy of NME

Sunil Gangarh
Staff Writer

Rumours from back in November last year that Adam Driver will be playing Nightwing in the “Man of Steel” sequel have been confirmed to be false.

The Girls star spoke to HuffPost Entertainment to clear up the mess left by those who spread the rumour in the first place.

He said, “No, there’s no truth to it. I don’t know whoever put it on there, I don’t know how these things get [started]. I don’t know how it first came about.”

However, Adam now has another rumour circulating about his future roles. The Hollywood Reporter’s Borys Kit suggests Driver is a high contender for a role in Star Wars: Episode VII.

Luckily for Driver, that rumour was flattened by Latino Review on Twitter recently.

Despite the rumours being proven as false, people such as Jeff Sneider from TheWrap continue to add fuel to a fire that may or may not have even ignited. According to Sneider, who originally started the Batman vs. Superman rumour, Star Wars producers do actually have high interest in Driver, suggesting he may still be offered a part in the near future.

Driver also spoke about managing his career with The New York Times. He revealed, “I’m definitely trying to figure this all out as I go along, how to craft a career… As things get bigger, I have days of depression, sitting in the house wondering ‘What are you doing? Is it even relevant?’

“I’m not against Hollywood at all; I just want to be involved with good writing and work that has some kind of meaning.”

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