The Man Inside The Suit: A Fresh Outlook Can Be Expected For The RoboCop Remake

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Hannah Daglish
Staff Writer

Remaking any movie is a delicate task, but when it came to remaking the 80s sci-fi classic RoboCop, even Joel Kinnaman, who plays the lead role in the 2014 remake, had his doubts.

RoboCop tells the story of a police officer from Detroit, who, after being fatally injured, is turned into a lethal law-enforcement machine. Kinnaman was a huge fan of the original movie and therefore was not particularly interested in joining the remake; at least at first.

He was, however, persuaded by the opportunity of working with famous Brazilian director José Padilha, who is responsible for films such as Bus 174 and Elite Squad. Padilha wanted to approach the story differently, with more of an emphasis on the character of the man inside the suit, police officer Alex Murphy.

This convinced Kinnaman, who said, “It was important to me that the visor not be covering my face all the time. It’s hard to act with just your jaw.”

RoboCop’s remake will also feature stars such as Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton and Samuel L. Jackson. The movie will certainly hope to excite and entertain audiences in the same way as the original when it hits the big screen on February 12th.

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