BREAKING: LA County Sheriffs Detain Justin Bieber; Executing FELONY Search Warrant At His Residence

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Jamie Harsip
Content Editor

Justin Bieber has been circling the drain, so to speak, with legal troubles for the past year or so, but this time he might just have fallen in.

The Canadian tween heartthrob, as of this morning, is having his garage searched by the police on a felony search warrant. Yes, that’s right, felony. TMZ reports the authorities have also obtained and are looking at footage from Bieber’s surveillance cameras on his property.

This search comes after Bieber was accused of egging his neighbor’s house, incurring hundreds of dollars in damage.

The police are searching for any possible incriminating evidence – this could include anything from other eggs to incriminating footage. As a matter of fact, anything incriminating found under Bieber’s roof is fair game when it comes to laying down the law. For example, if they were to find any illegal substances – which was a previous source of legal woe for the singer – Bieber could find himself facing a number of new charges, in addition to the egging.

As for potential felony charges, Bieber could be facing some very real jail time. We’ll keep you posted as the story unfolds.

4 thoughts on “BREAKING: LA County Sheriffs Detain Justin Bieber; Executing FELONY Search Warrant At His Residence

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