Hold On To Your Deerstalker: Sherlock May Be Back Sooner Than We Think

Photo courtesy of the BBC

Photo courtesy of the BBC

Shelby Arnold
Staff Writer

Sherlockians, are you sitting down? You may need another shock blanket after this.

Alright, are you ready?

Sherlock could get a Christmas special this year as well as a January 2015 series 4 premiere date.

Isn’t it exciting?

Now, before I get too in detail, none of these statements have been confirmed by the BBC. In fact, the BBC haven’t even officially confirmed series 4 yet. All of it is speculation but, it’s pretty exciting speculation.

It’s being reported that Ben Stephenson, the BBC drama controller is pushing for a Christmas episode and a shorter wait time between seasons.

“The BBC is desperate for a ‘Sherlock’ Christmas Day special this year. It wants its biggest guns ready,” says a source quoted by The Sun. Now, The Sun isn’t always correct, however, they did get a jump on us last year by announcing Matt Smith was leaving Doctor Who weeks before it was actually confirmed.

What does this mean for Steven Moffat and Doctor Who, though? Filming has already begun on the eighth season and previous seasons took nine months to film. Nine months puts the wrap on Who in August/September. However, there’s speculation that September is the possible air month of the new series. Given that information, Sherlock could possibly begin filming in March with the Doctor Who production taking a break for Moffat to fulfill his episode of the show about our famous detective.

Possible? Entirely. Probable? Maybe not. If filming follows the same format as last year, there will be a gap between March and August to give Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch time to finish post-production on their respective film ventures which includes the final part of The Hobbit trilogy. That means a Christmas special will, more than likely, not happen this year. But hey, a girl can dream.

One thing is for certain, though, Moffat has already stated that he and co-writer/producer Mark Gatiss have plotted out series four and five. So, either way we cut it, Sherlockians, the episodes are coming. We may be the fandom who waited but we’ve made an art of it. Not every TV show can survive on three episodes a season and a two year hiatus.

So, what do you think, Poppers? Are you excited about this possible development or will you believe it when you see it?


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