Oklahoma Judge Rules Ban On Gay Marriage Unconstitutional

Photo courtesy of Human Rights Campaign

Photo courtesy of Human Rights Campaign

Dani Strehle
Content Editor

In another beautiful and progressive step forward for the LGTBQ community, an Oklahoma judge has deemed the State’s gay marriage ban unconstitutional, according to Tulsa World.

The ruling, decided by U.S. Senior District Judge Terence Kern, will go into an immediate stay, pending inevitable appeals. Unlike Utah, where same-sex couples immediately flocked to court houses to wed, no same-sex marriages will take place in Oklahoma until the ruling filters through the appellate courts.

Human Rights Campaign president, Chad Griffin, released the following statement regarding the ruling:

Judge Kern has come to the conclusion that so many have before him – that the fundamental equality of lesbian and gay couples is guaranteed by the United States Constitution. With last year’s historic victories at the Supreme Court guiding the way, it is clear that we are on a path to full and equal citizenship for all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans. Equality is not just for the coasts anymore, and today’s news from Oklahoma shows that time has come for fairness and dignity to reach every American in all 50 states.

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin stated that she was “disappointed” with Kern’s ruling. Her official statement read quite differently than Mr. Griffin’s, saying: “The people of Oklahoma have spoken on this issue. I support the right of Oklahoma’s voters to govern themselves on this and other policy matters. I am disappointed in the judge’s ruling and troubled that the will of the people has once again been ignored by the federal government.”

I suppose that depends on what “people” she’s referring to; I’m sure gay couples and allies were ecstatic with the news. After all, we’re people too, right?

Stay tuned to PopWrapped as this story continues to unfold.


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