Jared Padalecki Suffers The Wrath Of The Beliebers After Tweet About Justin Bieber’s Home Being Raided

Courtesy of Fanpop

Courtesy of Fanpop

Dani Strehle
Content Editor

Yesterday, PopWrapped reported that Justin Bieber’s home had been raided by LA County Sheriffs regarding his apparent destruction of property when he egged a neighbor’s house. While there have been no reports of the police finding anything incriminating that tied back to Bieber, his bestie, Lil Za, was arrested for possession of an illegal substance, which turned out to be MDMA, or Molly.

Most of us that have our faculties realize that Bieber is in the midst of a tailspin and is heading toward the rabbit hole of drugs and scandal that so many child stars fall into. Supernatural star Jared Padelecki is part of a vocal majority of non- Beliebers, if you will. A stance he solidified yesterday when he took to Twitter to slam the young “Baby” singer.

Bieber was not able to find the time to respond back to Padalecki, you know, since his house was being raided and whatnot. But that didn’t stop his loyal band of Beliebers from lashing out at the hunky 31-year-old Padalecki. Some even threatened to boycott watching his hit CW show.

While I have a feeling Supernatural will be juuuust fine without this crazy fandom’s viewership, it just goes to show that you do not mess with Beliebers. They will cut you.


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