Jennifer Lawrence Photobombs Taylor Swift During Live Interview

Photo courtesy of Ryan Seacrest/Instagram

Photo courtesy of Ryan Seacrest/Instagram

Kay Ziegler
Staff Writer

Movie stars like to have fun, too. They play pranks. They take selfies. They even partake in photo bombs.

This weekend, Taylor Swift was the victim of such a prank. Who was the perpetrator? None other than America’s newest and quirkiest sweetheart AKA the Girl on Fire AKA Jennifer Lawrence. Traipsing up the steps in that white dress and with her mouth open in a roar, Lawrence looked absolutely fierce – like a cat ready to pounce.

While up there, she talked to Ryan Seacrest. Might as well do an interview after a photo bomb, eh? While conversing with the E! presenter she continued with her fun with Swift.

“I was going to come and push you down the stairs,” Lawrence told the singer. “I was like, ‘She’ll crack up! She would really love that!'”

Swift, full of class and good humor, then replied, “That’s so funny!” What a trooper! And what a great attitude; the perfect way to react to a joke.

The night got more fun for Lawrence. She went on to win Best Supporting Actress for her role In American Hustle. Congratulations Jennifer!

Did you see the interviews Lawrence and Swift did? Did you watch the awards? Were there any surprises. Please, share your thoughts below!

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