New Dad Alert: Grey’s Hunk Jesse Williams And Wife Welcome A Baby Girl

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Kaitlyn Elliot
Staff Writer

32-year-old Greys Anatomy star Jesse Williams welcomed his first child in December. While it was rumored that Williams and his wife Aryn-Drake Lee were expecting in October, a birth only two months later was quite the surprise.  Williams and his wife married in 2012 after dating for five years.

Williams confirmed the birth to People and it was revealed that his new daughter’s name is Sadie. He also told the media on being a dad “It’s hard to describe. It’s wonderful – a new discovery every day. It’s great and I’m loving it.”

He also stated that he hasn’t received much sleep since his daughter’s arrival.

Williams is most widely know for is role as Dr. Jackson Avery in the ABC series Greys Anatomy, but you can also see him in the Lee Daniels film The Butler.

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