Nick Nolte Chosen For Fallen Angel Role In Noah

Photo courtesy of PA Images

Photo courtesy of PA Images

Roxanne Powell
Staff Writer

The leader of the Nephilim has been chosen.

Nick Nolte will be behind the voice of CGI character of Samyaza in Darren Aronofsky’s Noah. Samyaza is the leader of the fallen angels, or the Nephilim.

This biblical epic will hit US theaters on March 28th.

This is not a fluke! Aronofsky confirmed via his twitter that Nolte will be an official cast member, describing him as a “legend.”

Mark Margolis (Breaking Bad) was originally thought to receive the role after staring in so many of Aronofsky’s films. As it turns out, Aronofsky has other plans for him. Margolis is now slated to play Magog, another angel.

Frank Langella is also going to play an yet unknown angel.

Russell Crowe will portray Noah. The film follows him as he builds the arch that will save him God’s prophesied flood. Ray Winstone will lead the army that attempts to board the arc, with Noah fighting them the whole way.

Anthony Hopkins, Emma Watson, and Jennifer Connelly will also star in the film.

Be sure to catch Nolte in Gracepoint, the US adaptation of the popular UK show, Broadchurch.

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