Aaron Paul Is A “Homewrecker” In The Travis Waltons Newest Music Video

Photo courtesy of The Travis Waltons

Photo courtesy of The Travis Waltons

Roxanne Powell
Staff Writer

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul made an appearance in a new music video by The Travis Waltons earlier today. The star recorded an intro to the band’s promo video, and kept character the entire time.

“The Travis Walton Band is a bitch and your song ‘Homewrecker’ is a bitch, bitch.”

Several other actors and songwriters appeared in the video, including Frank Turner and Joanna Angel.  Other bands, like the Bloody Knees, Lonely the Brave and K***t, and the Gang, also filmed segments for the production.

The Travis Waltons will release “Homewrecker” as part of their new album, Your Neck is Bleeding, which will hit shelves later this year.

Featured artists will include Jaime Lenman of Reuben and Charlie Simpson, among others.

Aaron Paul also performed in a special video message as part of a planned marriage proposal.

You can catch up on all your Breaking Bad episodes on Netflix.


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