Another Name Is Added To The Veronica Mars Spin-off Lineup

Un-American Graffiti

Photo courtesy of The CW

Ella Rayment
Staff Writer

It was only yesterday afternoon (January 15) that it was announced that Veronica Mars would be getting a digital spin-off series and that no details were known as of that time.

Well, several hours later it was announced via co-writer and director Rob Thomas’ Twitter that it would in fact be Ryan Hansen that will be the centre of the series. It is believed the series will consist of eight 10-minute episodes.

According to Thomas, the creator of the original series, it will be:

No release date has been set as yet, but work will reportedly begin after the highly anticipated Veronica Mars feature film premieres in cinemas on March 14. The series will be available on the CW Seed, which is usually a gateway for transition to the TV screen, so fans may get the return of the beloved series to prime time.

There have been mixed reactions from fans, some supporting the idea wholeheartedly, for example one fan writes on “I actually like the idea, loved Dick and Ryan is a capable actor. I’m in”. Whereas others have been more critical, claiming they thought Rob Thomas was “making a joke” and that the spin-off is “a stupid idea”.

Well, what do you think? Is Rob Thomas really joking or do you think this spin-off is seriously going to happen? Are you psyched or are you sceptical? Let us know below.

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