Arrow Co-Creator Defends Laurel’s Character Development

Photo courtesy of The CW

Photo courtesy of The CW

Kay Ziegler
Staff Writer

Arrow co-creator Andrew Kreisberg has heard the complaints. He’s also the first to defend Katie Cassidy’s character Laurel. And it seems neither Kreisberg or Cassidy are very happy about the unkind words.
Digital Spy readers have gone as far as calling the character  “vapid” and “boring”. When speaking to TVLine about the harsh comments, he said, “You know, it’s been somewhat hard, I think, for Katie and us to hear some of the criticisms of her character because we don’t do anything without thinking about it.”
The creator went on to gush about the character development. “We’ve always had a fantastic plan for Laurel’s character, and I know that there’s impatience….to see her ‘strap on the fish nets’,” he mused. It takes time for a character such as Laurel to prepare and ultimately become a superhero. She was just an ordinary public interest lawyer. It’s going to take time to develop and prep her for being a super hero. Be prepared.The first four episodes of the season will be about Laurel. 
Arrow returned to the CW on January 15th at  8/7c. In the UK, fans can catch the second season starting Monday, February 20 at 8pm on Sky1. Do enjoy!
So, do you like Laurel? Is she interesting? Or would you rather there be a focus on a different character. Please, share your comments below.

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