From Skull Island To The Age Of Ultron: Thomas Kretschmann Cast In Avengers Sequel

Photo courtesy of David Buchan/Getty Images

Photo courtesy of David Buchan/Getty Images

Roxanne Powell
Staff Writer

Step away from any tall buildings, but feel free to look up! King Kong actor Thomas Kretschmann has been cast in Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. He will play Baron Wolfgang von Strucker.

While Marvel had nothing to add to this news, fans of the Marvel universe will know that Baron Wolfgang von Strucker is a Nazi officer who works for HYDRA. His work will bring him up against Chris Evans’ Captain America and Nick Fury of SHIELD, played by the awesome Samuel L. Jackson.

Even if you didn’t know this, it’s a pretty good backstory! James Spader is lined up to play the main villain of the film, Ultron, and Joss Whedon is back to take on the sequel project.

Kretschmann is best known for his work in King Kong and Wanted. This recent casting in the Avengers franchise could be a big chance for the actor to make his debut in the States, and possibly lead to other American film projects.

His most recent project has been NBC’s Dracula, alongside Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

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