How I Met Your Mother’s Finale To Reveal Ted’s Kids Names

A 4

Photo courtesy of CBS

Ella Rayment
Staff Writer

It’s a horrible thought that the sitcom How I Met Your Mother is fast coming to an end, but what better way to end it than to finally reveal not only The Mother but also the names of Ted and The Mother’s children?

Yes, that’s right, we shall finally find out what Ted and The Mother named their long-suffering children in the series finale, according to show creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas.

Actor David Henrie and actress Lyndsy Fonseca, who play the two children in the flash forward scenes set in the year 2030, are not scheduled to appear in the newly filmed scenes. Instead, the two filmed scenes back in 2006 that were intended for use in the finale, so that it didn’t appear that they’d aged the nine years that has passed since then.

More information about the final episodes was revealed by Bays and Thomas to members of the Television Critics Association, including the name of the final episode: “Last Forever”. Other confirmed news is the return of Lucy Hale as Robin’s sister, as well as several of Ted’s former partners, played by Rachel Bilson, Sarah Chalke and Ashley Williams. Also making a reappearance is Kyle McLachlan’s The Captain. The last bit of news is that Jon Heder is scheduled to guest star in one episode, playing a new character.

“Last Forever” is slated to air on March 31 on CBS.

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