Ricky Gervais Boogies Down With Kermit the Frog in London

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Chessie Reiss
Staff Writer

Muppets Most Wanted, the sequel to highly successful and very fun reboot The Muppets, follows Kermit, Miss Piggy, and the whole gang as they are unknowingly involved in an international caper involving Constantine – a criminal mastermind and Kermit look-a-like.  Ricky Gervais, star of The Office, stars as Dominic Badguy, Constantine’s second in command.

Gervais also gets to shake a leg and sing a note with Kermit the Frog, which just sounds mind-bogglingly amazing. The Office actor describes the scene as such, “There’s tap dancing and up-and-down stairs.  I’m a pretty good singer – I rate myself at singing.  Dancing?  I’m your dad at a party.”

In a recent interview with Digital Spy stars Gervais, Kermit, and Ms. Piggy talked filming the movie. In addition to the dancing, Kermit and Ms. Piggy spoke about the joys of working in the UK, “I love England…  We haven’t shot a film in London for about 20 years – it’s wonderful to come back here and meet up with all my pals from before,” said Kermit.

Ms. Piggy also expressed that “I haven’t seen much of it, but I’m looking forward to after the movie when Kermie and I can take a few extra days to trot across the continent.”

There are sure to many surprises in the new Muppets movie.  There have been rumors of cameos from Christoph Waltz, Lady Gaga, and Tom Hiddleston.

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

Executive producer Todd Lieberman coyly stated, “I’m not going to exactly say who might be getting married, but I think people are going to be surprised.”

Muppets Most Wanted will be released on March 21, 2014.


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