Miley Cyrus To Make It Rain Merchandise During Bangerz Tour

Photo courtesy of Billboard

Photo courtesy of Billboard

Bill Sweeney
Staff Writer

Miley Cyrus plans to give back to her fans during her upcoming “Bangerz” tour by dropping merchandise goodies from above.

In a telephone press conference to announce the 38 city tour she said: “I want to give my fans real things they can collect.”

“I’m a little bit of a hoarder. It’s my mom’s worst nightmare. I hope my fans become hoarders also. I’m giving a lot of junk away. I’ll have things falling out of the sky that most people would sell at the merch table.”

That’s a move that may have some scratching their heads, but money is not really the point for the former Disney star, she has plenty of that.

“My thing has never been about me making money. I did that when I was a kid. I made the money I needed to make and now it’s about putting money into the tour and making sure my fans get the best show, making it worth going to see.”

It’s another way the singer is trying to put out the best show possible, which also includes adding an acoustic follow up after each performance that go on “as long as I want.”

The tour kicks off in Vancouver on February 14.

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