Showtime President Teases Homeland’s New Direction At TCA’s


Photo courtesy of Showtime

Catherine Meushaw
Staff Writer

After a major character death in the season three finale, the fourth season of Homeland will have a “big reset,” according to Showtime president David Nevins. The death of the character had the series saying goodbye to not one but two more regular cast members.

Nevins spoke during the TCA press tour on Thursday (January 17), praising the third season for its “brilliant architecture.” In regards to the “reset,” Nevins said that, “This show is fundamentally about a field operative and we really haven’t seen her much out in the field operating. The likely plan for next year is that you will see (Carrie) on the ground in a foreign capital doing her job.”

To viewers disappointed in the third season, Nevins said, “Thank you for being so invested. This is an instantaneous review, must-see culture…. It’s driven Homeland ratings higher than we’ve ever seen – it’s reached the 7 million viewers a week record.”

Homeland season four is set to debut in the US this fall.

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