Vampire Academy’s Soundtrack Has Some Bite To It


Photo courtesy of The Weinstein Company

Shelby Parker
Staff Writer

“Blood is family. Blood is pain. And blood is death,” is a motto from the book-gone-movie, Vampire Academy.

The film, set to be released on Valentine’s Day, has revealed its soundtrack listing, and it looks like the music might just reflect that motto. At least judging by the titles anyway.

Katy Perry and Chvrches are just a couple of the artists that will be included.

The track list is as follows:
1. Jaymes Bullet – “In Your Grave”
2. Sky Ferreira – “Red Lips”
3. Max Frost – “Nice and Slow”
4. Goldfrapp – “Thea”
5. Natalia Killa – “Boys Don’t Cry”
6. Iggy Azalea – “Bounce”
7. Bear in Heaven – “Sinful Nature”
8. Naughty Boy – “Think About It”
9. Rainy Milo – “Rats”
10. Katy Perry – “Spiritual”
11. Au Revoir Simone – “Crazy”
12. Chvrches – “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”

The film, directed by Mean Girls’ Marc Waters, centers around Rose Hathaway (Zoey Deutch), who is a Dhampir (half human, half vampire). Apparently, it’s her job to protect the Morai (peaceful, mortal vampires who live amongst us), from the vampires who are really just out for blood, the Strigoi.

If the soundtrack is anything like the description of the movie, it will be quite a trip.

The soundtrack is available from February 11.

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