Allison Williams Discusses Girls And Normalising Awkward Sex Scenes

Photo courtesy of HBO

Photo courtesy of HBO

Steven Arciniega
Staff Writer

Lena Dunham’s HBO hit Girls makes its third season premier tonight in the UK, with the show finding its four leads speeding quickly outside of their comfort zones. Portraying charters in various stages of their twenties, the new season finds Dunham’s character Hannah in a grounded relationship, while Jessa played by Jemima Kirke finds herself in rehab. Shoshanna, played by legendary playwright David Mamet’s daughter, Zosia Mamet is having multiple flings, and Marnie played by Allison Williams, finds herself striking out both on a personal and professional bases after her relationship with on-off boyfriend Charlie (Christopher Abbott) comes to an end.

Reporters caught up with Williams at last weeks London premier of season three, to go over what’s in store for Marnie, taking her co-stars’ sex scene virginity, and how the show has made awkward relationships a normal thing for today’s generation.

Like most HBO series, Girls is not shy with its characters being undressed, and is very honest about sex, which Williams addressed in the interview.

“Lena was speaking recently about how she wants the show to normalise sex for people, and I think, that just means she wants people to see the sex on our show and be like ‘Oh my God, other people have that sex!’ And that can be why it’s so uncomfortable to watch the show with other people, because you kind of have to dip your toe in and say to your girlfriends, ‘Has anyone ever had that…?’ And then it’s a unanimous yes, and you’re like ‘Oh, phew, okay, I’m not the only one here.”

Williams, an alumni of Yale, is no stranger to shooting sex scenes for the show, when asked about the comfortably of the scenes. “It’s like when you’re in high school and you’re in the play, and all through rehearsals you’ve just been going through the motions of the kiss until there’s that one day where the teacher’s like ‘Okay, now you guys have to do the kiss’, and you’re just giggling and nervous. I don’t care how old you are, nobody’s cool in that situation. So you just giggle. There’s no other way around it. And we’re so close at this point – the crew’s there, so even if you don’t know your scene partner very well, if you’re giggling with one of the camera operators it helps to defuse the energy.”

With Girls hitting high numbers in the ratings world, Dunham has now become a house hold name. Recently, the shows creator graced the cover of Vogue and is set to release a book, which scored her a $3.7 million advance. Catch new episodes of Girls on HBO and head over to the jump to read the full interview.

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