Harvey Weinstein Vows To Stop Making Films That Portray A Lot Of Violence

Photo courtesy of PA Images/Joel Ryan

Photo courtesy of PA Images/Joel Ryan

Roxanne Powell
Staff Writer

Put down your weapons and step away from the volcano! Harvey Weinstein, known for producing violent films such as Gangs of New York and Scream, has pledged to stop making films that portray a lot of violence.

Weinstein is a big supporter of anti-gun laws and other anti-violence campaigns. In a spot on the Piers Morgan Live show, he revealed that his involvement with movies that show meaningless violence is over.

His newest film, The Senator’s Wife, starring Meryl Streep, will be his first step in this new pledge.

While his new film will, as The Wrap was told, make the NRA (National Rifle Association) “wish they weren’t alive,” Weinstein admits that his previous films contradict a lot of what he personally believes. This admittance is a nod to his critics, who “have a point” in pointing out the extreme differences in his professional and personal lives. In a nod to this point, Weinstein submits that he must “look in the mirror too.”

But life is full of opposites, and it’s up to the individual whether or not they want to live on both sides of the tracks, so to speak.

“I have to just choose movies,” he said in a recent interview. “I mean, that aren’t violent – or as violent as they used to be.”

Frank Miller’s newest film, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, features Weinstein as executive producer, and is projected to release August 2014.


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